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Concept Evaluation

Most of our clients are very excited about their "great idea".   Our task is to evaluate the idea and see how it can be protected, streamlined, brought to market and funded as quickly as possible.  Is your idea the next "home run"?  It probably is, but we can help you get around the bases faster. 


Funding is the universal issue common to all businesses.  There are three basic ways to bring money into your company: debt, equity, or a combination of debt and equity.  We look forwarding to explaining the many options that exists in this area.  We will find you the best solution that will help you obtain the funding you need. 

Employee Benefit Programs

We work with business owners from across America and for many years we've heard the loud complaints. "Can you help me with my health insurance?" or "Can you help me set up a 401-K or 125-K plan?"  We heard you.  Now, we are excited to bring you new solutions in these areas.  This is not a cliche'.  We have breakthrough, new solutions that are a real game changer. 

Private Placement Memorandums

One of the greatest tools of our time is the Reg D - Private Equity Partnership.  This strategy has been used for decades, but the new S.E.C. allowances make it much advantageous now - more now than ever before.  Usually these Reg D offerings require a PPM and we prepare those documents for our clients. 

Business Plans, Executive Summaries and Pitch Decks

Nothing is more important than the effective communication regarding your unique business proposition.  You will need a Business Plan, an Executive Summary, and a Pitch Deck to effectively communicate with financial partners and suppliers.  We excel in this area. 

Equity Programs

We are experienced in all forms of raising funding for companies through offering equity to financial partners. Including private equity that requires a PPM.  We also provide the multiple options under Reg D regulations: C.F., 504s, 506s, and other SCOR options. Also we have experience with advanced equity plays such as clean, fully reporting shell corps, Reg A, Pink Sheet IPOs and other equity-based opportunities. 

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